Dometrics Domain Checking Features Quickly assess your domain authority via our API or web based panel. No need for dedicated servers, local software, or other expensive resources.


Get the stats on all of your domain prospects immediately with no time delay between checked.

Instantly Check Domains

Your job is queued and results are provided quickly allowing you so direct your valuable time to other activities.

Exciting Results

Whether you are an expert or just a beginner – finding quality domain names is fun, rewarding and has huge upside.

Credits Roll Over

Don’t worry about ‘use it it lose it’ credit systems. With Dometrics your unused credits carry over to the next month.

One For All

Addons like Spamsy, aHrefs and seoprofiler allow extra filtering criteria to ensure high quality spam free DA/PA domains!

Easy Monthly Subscription

With direct payment options as well as PayPal, subscribing to our service is safe and secure!

Metrics Providers Available Select one or more providers as part of your results.

What is Dometrics? And why do I need it?

Dometrics is a website domain checking service that utilizes the metrics of Majestic and MOZ to provide you with the domain authority of a domain. Optionally you can include metrics also from aHrefs and SEOProfiler to fine tune your results and provide further filtering profiles.

And when you couple your domain campaigns with Spamsy you can prefilter your domains list to avoid wasting lookup metrics credits on junk domains. Spamsy plays nicely with Dometrics and any experienced Domainer will tell you that you must check domains for a history of spam.

Dometrics Benefits Dometrics offers you more metrics data points, assessments and faster results than any other DA/PA checking service, and it's much less expensive than paying for each service standalone!

Get Majestic Link count, CF, TF and Ref. Domains

As much or as little data as you want to know about a domain.

Get Moz Link count, DA, PA, Rank and Trust

Online account panel or by our easy to use API.

aHREFS , SEOProfiler, Spamsy Metrics Too!

Improve your results and granularity, filter out garbage domains.

Dometrics Pricing Packages From thousands to hundreds of thousands of queries, we have a package for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dometrics

Dometrics is a professional domain quality checking systems, which allows you to lookup domain names in bulk and see each domain metrics result as a value.
At the moment we include Majestic and MOZ as part of the core service.
You can add them but they aren’t included in the core service. When you decide to bundle aHrefs or SEOProfiler as part of your domain quality checking we offer you a nice discount.
You can also addon Spamsy spam filtering which will also check the domain(s) for historical spam abuse with things like Chinese characters or a whole host of word filters so you can be sure the domain you’re getting is the best possible quality.
The present month credits will roll over to the next, but please be sure to use them all up because roll overs only are good from one month to the next, they don’t accumulate.
You can pay us directly by credit card (VISA/AMEX/Master Card/Discover) and also Paypal. We’re fully PCI compliant so your personal information and card data is secure.
We decided to make public these apps and tools we’ve used ourselves for years. Sharing the love.
Our policy is easy; love us or leave us. You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you have remaining credits and cancel your service, we will prorate your unused credits and buy them back from you. No worries. Just flick us an email to the helpdesk and let us know.

What our clients say about Dometrics Read what users have to say about working with us.

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Moz and Majestic domain stats on a budget Check as many domains as you want as quickly as you want.